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Message from Jules A. Koostachin

My journey as a digital storyteller (behind the camera) began in 2006. At this particular time, I decided to leave my full time job as a senior manager... best decision of my life. I became a mature student at both George Brown College (Film and Media) and Ryerson University in Toronto (Summer Intensive Film School).

In 2008, I started graduate school at Ryerson University in the Documentary Media Program with four young children at home -- the rest is herstory!  

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2012, Short Documentary

PLACEnta is the sharing between a mother, her daughter and a midwife of the re-discovery of First Nations traditional childbirth teachings.

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Alien Night
2013 - Short Film 

Writer Zainab Amadahy
Director Jules  Koostachin 
Producer by Heather Wakeling

Awakened in the night by an explosion, retired Professor Yvette Bouchard and handyman Milton Hicks must decide whether the person that turns up at their door is a terrorist, and injured woman in  need of assistance or … an alien.                                                                         See link:

Remembering Inninimowin
2010, Feature Documentary film 

Masters Thesis -  Documentary Media at Ryerson University 

Remembering Inninimowin is a two-year-long documentary film project on the personal journey of a Cree woman, Jules Koostachin, a member of Attawapiskat First Nation, as she starts to remember her first language, Inninimowin (Cree).

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V Tape Distributions, Toronto

Photo by Summer Faith Garcia


Short Experimental Film, 2012

Produced with the support of ImagineNative, Charles Street Video and the Banff Centre. 

Trapped in a dream state, a Cree woman faces her fears through the traditional water teachings of her culture.

For Purchase: V Tape Distributions, Toronto

Photo by Summer Faith Garcia

Alive with Breath

2011/17 - Multi-Media Installation

Featuring five (5) residential school warriors

This multi-media installation provides a platform to understanding the lives of Moshkegowok (Cree) Elders before they were sent to Residential School.

Please contact VisJuelles Productions Inc. if interested in presenting this installation in your gallery space, event, and/or school. 

Installation funded by the Ontario Arts Council

Photo Artist: Summer Faith Garcia

2011/17 - Episodic Television Series
Co-produced with Big Soul Productions

This series is a look at the urban/rural Indigenous youth experience.

Two urbanized Cree youth explore their culture by visiting several Ontario First Nation communities and learning to live off the land.

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